Sunday, March 29, 2009

My experience during sitting my first test

Before I heard when the first test is just around the conner by Miss Syaz, I'm very worried about that because I have no preparation for this subject. Actually I feel really awkward because I have a little knowledge to speak English very well that why I feel so nervous when she said the speaking test will be start soon. However, was I trying to do my best in the test and I manage to finish the test without any problem. Because of that, I try to get more information how speak very well. For the speaking test, we get the nursery worked topic to speak with my group such as Kurt, Radi(Helmi), and Abuu(Faris). We were lucky because during the test day, we was the first team. First I got a question paper, I list down all the important notes and then I continue with my point after Kurt(fahmi) done her nervous!

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  1. I knew you tried your best..Keep up your good work..Good luck for your final exam..