Sunday, March 29, 2009

My experience during sitting my first test

Before I heard when the first test is just around the conner by Miss Syaz, I'm very worried about that because I have no preparation for this subject. Actually I feel really awkward because I have a little knowledge to speak English very well that why I feel so nervous when she said the speaking test will be start soon. However, was I trying to do my best in the test and I manage to finish the test without any problem. Because of that, I try to get more information how speak very well. For the speaking test, we get the nursery worked topic to speak with my group such as Kurt, Radi(Helmi), and Abuu(Faris). We were lucky because during the test day, we was the first team. First I got a question paper, I list down all the important notes and then I continue with my point after Kurt(fahmi) done her nervous!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

my dream women

Every men have a their own taste and opinion about their dream women. That happen to me too. For me, I love a women that understand about my attitude because before this I met someone but she does not understand with me. Actually, my dream women is a women free hair..hik3..and then we look so cute when she smile. For me, the most important characterictic of my dream women are have a good attitude and also politely because all of that must have in every women. Besides, she aslo must have a good cooker because I like to eat just made food. Actually i just joking for free hair women dream women is a women who dress up according to islamic ways. This is because when I see her it will make my heart feel calm and make me love her more...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

what would i like to change about myself

Actually I have so many things to evaluate this self of either favorable or bad. As we know that all humans are not perfect because everything they doing must be available it's good and evil. I set in this year to change myself so that can own beneficial matter and become someone useful. Actually I have a lot of weaknesses in my life that why I think , I need to reinvent ourselves with soonest. All of you knows that so hard to change ourselves although in our self is own. I will make comparison with last semester and this semester. Anyway, I want to get CGPA 3.5 for this semester because last semester I would got only 3 pointers but I thankful and felt so happy that why for this semester I want to increase about my attitude. Besides that, I also want to change about my presence to class because already a few my presence will be zero by my lecture if I come late. This caused I too idle and always wake up late in the morning. I also want to be over respect to my parent because I really love to them.....that's all

how i spent my time in mid-semester break

In this semester break, many of the things that I plan in order to meet leave time by doing beneficial matter. In first day, I spent my time with family namely ask they go streets and shopping. In that day, all of us happy because able to enjoy dish special such as 'sour water stingray' and the most best was 'sea bass three sense' in restaurant Village. Besides that, my friend always coming to home to invite I go to the coast . For your information, I avid go to the coast because there found many belle but we only just see hihi....Nocturnally also, I rather finish my time with search internet and also chatting. In fact, I less to revise education that why in my leave time only squandering time with my family and friends.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

my experience being uitm student for on

First day I'm here, around 2nd July 2008 I register in UiTM's with my best friend in course Chemical Engineering. at that time, I very happy because I get to continue my study in Diploma. the first thing I learned in UiTM's were that they are so many difference people. first semester I'm here, I had an experience that was both terrifying and enlightening. First I meet Faizul while my friend and I eat at dining hall. I happy because he also comes from the same country 'bachok klate'. I shall always remember the first time I was going to UiTM's clinic to check my leg. At that time many students waiting for the checking in the clinic before my turn finally came. After met doctor Yusry, he advised me to make futher medical examination in hospital Dungun. I went to hospital by UiTM's ambulance and accompanied by my romate. As you know, in hospital there are a lot of beutiful and charming nurses, because of that I feel no more painful. Beside that, Iwas walking to class everyday but it so excited because we walked together even we feel tired. About my academic, I just get GPA 3 pointer something. The first time I had to sit for final examination I was very nervous because I always think about carry mark Bel120 hihi...that all for my be continue...